The Circle of Toubkal | €185 Per Person

The Circle of Toubkal trek starts you off in Imlil and has you finish in Imlil, walking a circular route to finish where you began. Before you return to your starting point however, you will journey through the beautiful Azzaden Valley, the Assif N’Ouzzaden (the River of Azzaden), the Tamsoult Waterfall, the Aguelzim Pass, the Plain of El Houaz and of course, ascend the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal.

Note that this trek is impossible to do in the winter, because important sections are covered in snow. See the Toubkal Winter Trek for a trek that takes you up Mount Toubkal in the depths of the North African winter.

The Circle of Toubkal can easily be combined with extra days in the Sahara. Contact Brahim and Mohamed for more details.

All treks are led and supervised by qualified and experienced guides and mule handlers, drawn from the local populace.


Day One: Imlil – Tizi M’zzik – Lipeney

Day 1 will take around 6 hours to complete and will take you from Imlil to Lipeney refuge (300m) via Tizi M’zzik (2450m) and the beautiful Azib n’Tamsoult and Ighouliden waterfalls.

Day Two: Lipeney – Aguelzim – Neltner

Day 2 will be approximately 5 hours and will comprise Lipiney refuge (3000m) to Neltner refuge (3207m). It will include walking up the 82 step zig-zag path and via Aguelzim Pass (3560m) to get to Neltner Refuge where you will stay the night.

Day Three: Neltner – Mount Toubkal – Imlil

Day 3 may take you up to 9 hours to trek and complete, but it will take you to the top of the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal (4167m), with views of the High Atlas and the Sahara Desert, before coming full circle with Imlil as your destination.

Price : € 185 Per Person

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